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Past Projects

TJ Tower Money Shot.JPG

TJ Tower - Tan TPO

TJ Tower is a historic building located downtown birmingham

and towers over the city at 300 feet.

This buildings roof was in dire condition when we first saw it.

Our account manager met with the owners and 

decided on a tan TPO roof.

Urgent Care - White TPO

TPO Roof on Healthcare building.

White TPO, GAF shingles, and standing seam metal roof panels.

PGA Superstore

Shopping center anchor store.

Our elite master-certified installers installed a new TPO roof.

PGA Superstore.jpg
Nolan Hall Aerial 1.JPG

The Oaks at Parkwood

The Oaks at Parkwood is a senior living community.

All buildings have been completed with GAF shingles.

Over 100,000 square feet of shingles.

after 2 of set 4.jpg

Manufacturing - TPO

A large manufacturing plant that needed a new roof due to leaking. We installed a white TPO roof.


Liberty National

The Liberty National building is historic to downtown Birmingham. It needed a new roof before it could be used again. We installed a new TPO roof.

Blair and Memorial.jpg

National Memorial


Peace and Justice


Storage Facility

The storage facility in Birmingham needed a new roof. We replaced the roof with a white TPO.


Printing Plant

The printing plant was in dire need of a new roof. A white TPO roof was installed.


Assisted Living

The assisted living facility needed a new roof.

White TPO and Metal.

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