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Blair Commercial Roofing in Birmingham is more than your typical roofing contractor. We take pride in the work that we complete. We also know your business needs to keep running during times of improvement. This is the reason most businesses choose Blair. We will complete your project with little delay to your day to day operation.



We have projects all over Alabama. We have completed work on the new Jacksonville State University baseball stadium all the way to the National Memorial For Justice and Peace in Montgomery. Please contact us to see our portfolio and to set up a time to visit our clients with their permission. We also offer roofing repair near you.



Blair Commercial Roofing in Birmingham deals with many customers in the southeast and we do not disclose information on our clients due to some sensitive information. We do have some clients that freely share their information. We work with Fortune 500 clients all the way down to a small business that is learning to fly.



When business owners in Birmingham and the surrounding areas need commercial roofing professionals, they turn to Blair Commercial Roofing in Birmingham. With more than 50 years in business and many industry awards under our belts, we are the proven choice for commercial roofing projects of any scope.


Blair Commercial Roofing

4 West Oxmoor Road

Birmingham, Alabama 35209


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Contact Us


For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call:  205-991-8555 or fill out the following form.-


Blair Commercial Roofing

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To apply for a job with Blair Commercial Roofing, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to address above.

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4 W Oxmoor Rd Suite 200

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